August 6, 2018

Happy Monday, Boss!      

Let's do this. Co-Founder of Cannaclusive Mary Pryor is on the pod, 48North launched an online women's platform, the Shark-Tank of weed is on Amazon Prime, Facebook is blocking cannabis searches and the pot breathalyzer is here.

Don't wait until you're ready. There is only now. - Jac

On the podcast:

This week I’m talking to Mary Pryor, Co-Founder of Cannaclusive. Mary is a passionate and vocal media expert currently based in Los Angeles and New York. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mary received exposure to automotive design, electrical engineering, music, digital arts and marketing at an early age. Today Mary is a powerful and accomplished Digital and Marketing Specialist who has worked for major brands such as Sony Music Group, Viacom, CBS News, Ebony Magazine, The Rolling Stones, VaynerMedia, just to name a few. She realizes that there is a pressing need for agencies that catered to culturally rich and niche audiences through digital and social marketing integration. Mary is a proud native Detroiter and Wolverine thanks to the University of Michigan.

In our chat, Mary and I dig into her experience being chronically ill and a woman of color; How cannabis has drastically improved her health and helps her manage her Crohn's Disease symptoms; The white-washing of the cannabis industry; Working to de-stigmatize cannabis in black and brown communities and educating on the health benefits of cannabis; Her work helping underrepresented business owners connect to funding; The different opportunities in cannabis for minorities; The responsibility of white entrepreneurs in the industry to highlight the racist history of canna prohibition, acknowledge its ongoing impact and use their privilege to challenge hypocrisy; And so much more! Tune in to our chat now!


Her Headliners:

Gen Z in the house. Teens Kristin, Sarah and Kasey are filling a void in the market for young people and have launched lifestyle and education brand, Hoop Beauty. "...we decided to create a company that would not only make the highest quality CBD health and beauty products, but would also serve to empower young adults to live their best lives, speak up for what they believe in, and take control of their own health and wellness." Entrepreneur

For the people. Cannabis advocate and MIT educated lawyer Nika Elugardo, is running for Massachusetts state rep. "The culture of complicity, retaliation, and silence on Beacon Hill is coming to an end...working to co-create real justice for all, to unlearn practices and undo policy and political structures that keep in place misogyny, racism, homo/transphobia, and xenophobia. I envision a community where we have built political and economic systems that promote people before profit." digboston

Sweet spot. 60 year old Nancy Whiteman launched her canna company 8 years ago. Today, her gummies will bring in between 16-17 million dollars and was ranked number 1 in Colorado's edibles category. "One of the advantages of being my age is that I’ve been in business for a long time. I’ve seen other industries. We didn’t need to invent the wheel for this industry. I’ve spent time getting our production processing to the point where we have a very good supply chain. It’s doing a lot of small things right." Forbes

Connected experience. Female health & wellness focused cannabis producer 48North, launched an online platform to empower, educate and share women cannabis users. "Knowing that women make up nearly half of the current Canadian cannabis market, our goal with Latitude is to host candid, judgement-free conversations about cannabis. Through sharing our stories, we can connect with women looking to evolve their path to well-being. Latitude is a resource to support women as they navigate the world of cannabis." Newswire

The J-zone. Former beauty queen and model Jessica VerSteeg, wants to help legitimize the canna industry. Her company, Paragon, is not only creating cryptocurrency & blockchain specifically for the industry but also opening a four-building campus co-working community. "When I had AuBox, it was really difficult to find an office space in the neighborhood that wouldn’t charge me ten times more just because they found out I was some form of a cannabis company." Forbes

Prime time. Created by Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull, The Marijuana Show (AKA 'The Shark-Tank of Cannabis') hit Amazon Prime on August 1st. "We started this show in 2014 and now it's 2018 and the same industry challenges face all of us: limited banking, insurance is an issue, merchant accounts, investments, stigma, limited advertising and cannabis is still federally illegal. 'The Marijuana Show’ is produced to deal with those issues. We offer investment, mentorship, merchant accounts, a global marketing platform, and our show focuses on ending the stigma by showing real entrepreneurs dealing with challenges, changing regulations, and investment." Benzinga

No BS here. 14 year cannabis industry veteran Kristen Yoder, has released the first episode of her long awaited podcast. True to form, Kristen tells it like it is and doesn't hold back. "Inspired by the class action lawsuit of Brass Knuckles and SC Labs, I explored many of the questions you might be having with one of my favorite lawyers, Ian Stewart. Things are about to get really ugly, my friends..." CannaBS Detector

Survival's sake. Meet five lady movers-n-shakers in AgTech tackling global issues of food security. "What I found when I was introduced to cannabis is that the dynamics of understanding and modeling something as complex as a brand new industry with multiple layers of wholesale, production, and retail and how that all works together wasn’t much of a stretch to me to shift my thinking from where I was then to where I am today." BossMag

Shhhwanky. Meet luxury canna brand Lord Jones's founder, Cindy Capobianco. "At the end of the day, even though CBD has become trendy, this is not a trend — it's not even a movement. It’s a revolution." InStyle

The missing link. Elisabeth Mack founded Holistic Caring to bridge the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine. Mack shares her entrepreneurial journey and advice in this 1-on-1. "Have cash to extend your plans, and way more time. Everything is slow to develop, and what seems like a no-brainer for the marketplace is still only going to be perceived and addressed by the clientele already partaking medically. The true medical market of patients is still aways offshore." DCN


"I realized I was more convincing to myself and to the people who were listening when I actually said what I thought, versus what I thought people wanted to hear me say." Ursula Burns


Learnings + Resources(in or out of cannabis):

Money. 5 Things you absolutely need to know about cannabis taxes

Leadership. Steve Jobs asked one profound question that took Apple from near bankruptcy to $1 trillion

Action. How to respectfully use gender pronouns in the workplace

Education. 10 Must-have tools for startup fundraising

Growth. Turns out religion has a lot to say about weed

Wellbeing. Eight ways you can use your phone to actually boost relaxation and increase productivity

In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Lisa Weinberger, Co-Founder of and owner of In our chat, Lisa and I dig into how she & her co-founder parlayed finance backgrounds into a canna biz and essentially became personal finance bloggers for cannabis; Her and her daughter’s healing journeys with CBD; How cannabis pricing works and what gets factored in; The differences in pricing from state to state; Discovering the consumer sweet spot (hint: averages); Getting their channel booted off of youtube; And more!


So you know:

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Around the research way:

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Study: CBD from marijuana plus chemotherapy tripled cancer Survival rates in mice Forbes

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