August 13, 2018

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You've got a big week ahead. Ready? Founder of Cyntivee Cynthia Villamizar is on the pod, Wanda James calls out Colorado's failure to address social equity within the state, this is the last week to enter Jefferson's Annual CannaVation Comp, Epidiolex (new canna derived med) will cost $32,500 per year and the planet's largest marijuana superstore opens Nov. 1st.

Move your body every 60-90min. Your butt & brain will thank you - Jac

On the podcast:

This week I’m talking to Cynthia Villamizar, Founder of Cyntivee, an education platform that seeks to break down everything you thought you knew about cannabis and reintroduce it as a part of your wellness and fitness routine. Cyntivee is hoping to reeducate people on CBD and cannabis by addressing common misconceptions and by introducing the latest innovations via easy and fun tutorials and recipes. A former Fulbright Scholar and Googler, Cynthia also chronicles her new adventures as she works towards becoming a certified personal trainer, a fully-fledged cannabis expert, and the newest entrant in the nascent marijuana industry.

In our chat, Cyn and I dig into what it was like leaving her career at Google behind to focus on her passion for wellness & cannabis; How Cyntivee came to be and the experience of being a new entrepreneur in a nascent industry; How Cyn pushes herself to experiment with different platforms online and do what needs doing for her business every day (even when she doesn’t feel like it); How one can start to integrate cannabis or cbd into fitness; How she's gearing up for her move from NYC to the Bay area and what's in store for Cyntivee. Tune in to our chat now!


Her Headliners:

Breaking it down. 420 SkinCare CEO, Marvina Thomas, shares barriers and challenges as a minority business owner in cannabis. "I’m facing a new challenge every day. The only way to survive in this fast-paced industry is to keep pushing forward and never let someone else determine your future. You’re gonna face ‘haters’ and negative people, but you can’t let their limiting beliefs stop you from achieving what you came here to do." Entrepreneur

Inclusion for all. Shaleen Title, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission talks about the Bay State's groundbreaking social equity program and focusing her time/energy only on that which supports diversity and giving back to the community.  "I mean, it’s a nonstarter for me to support a conference that somehow thought it was a good idea to honor a person who openly referred to black colleagues as “stupid Negroes” and female colleagues as “c*nts.” Isn’t that common sense? That would go for any conference, but...this one in particular because this is a conference about cannabis, whose legal status has until recently been used as a tool of oppression." Forbes

Bases covered. Meet an editor, chef, advocate team, creative duo, educator, cultivator, co-founder, yogi, and retail/branding expert - all ROCKING it in cannabis. theGuardian & Newsweek

Called out. Wanda James, former Navy lieutenant and first black owner of a cannabis dispensary in Colorado, has been working tirelessly on the front lines of the cannabis movement for years. Here she shines a light on Colorado's major lack of diversity in it's canna industry.  "The fact that for over five years we (Simply Pure) were the only black licensees and that the state refuses to release the ethnic background of the ownership of cannabis businesses says something about the failure of the state to address social equity...Colorado has tied the hands of every owner who is not wealthy to expand, and has become known as the most difficult state to bring in new investment dollars." Westword

Pivot ready. Ivy leaguer turned cannapreneur, Tahira Rehmatullah opens up about closing deals, building brands and trusting her gut. "It’s ok to ask for help! There were times when I put so much pressure on myself to carry the weight -- for no other reason than my massive ego -- that I not only hurt myself, but those who worked with me because my decisions impacted everyone. There’s no shame in asking for help..." Entrepreneur


"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Maya Angelou


Learnings + Resources(in or out of cannabis):

Money. The CPA's guide to getting started in cannabis accounting

Leadership. This founder explains the corporate benefit of LGBT Leadership

Action. Jefferson's annual healthcare startup competition: Calling ALL innovators!

Education. How to become a better speaker like Steve Jobs, Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and Tony Robbins

Growth. The skills you need to succeed in 2020

Wellbeing. 5 tested methods to break your phone addiction

In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Mary Pryor, Co-Founder of Cannaclusive. In our chat, Mary and I dig into her experience being chronically ill and a woman of color; How cannabis has drastically improved her health and helps her manage her Crohn's Disease symptoms; The white-washing of the cannabis industry; Working to de-stigmatize cannabis in black and brown communities and educating on the health benefits of cannabis; Her work helping underrepresented business owners connect to funding; The different opportunities in cannabis for minorities; The responsibility of white entrepreneurs in the industry to highlight the racist history of canna prohibition, acknowledge its ongoing impact and use their privilege to challenge hypocrisy; And so much more!


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