July 2, 2018

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Marijuana business news mogul Cassandra Farrington is on the pod, the senate voted to pass the Farm Bill, FDA approved Epidiolex (the first cannabis derived drug), grannies are trimming flower and Emily post's great-great granddaughter is elevating canna-use decorum.

Stand in your power and show up for yourself. - Jac

On the podcast:

This week I’m talking to Cassandra Farrington. Cassandra heads up the cannabis industry leading daily news website Marijuana Business Daily and its family of content resources for the B2B cannabis marketplace, including the internationally recognized family of MJBizCon conferences. Previously a Vice President at Citi, she earned her MBA from the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business. MjBizDaily was co-founded by Cassandra and her business partner in 2011. It is now the most established ongoing business to business news organization serving the cannabis industry. Essentially, it's the wall street journal of cannabis.

In this episode, we chat about how MJ Biz was born and the business pivot it made early on to serve customer needs better, growing MJ Biz from newsletter to multi-million dollar media organization, the core fundamentals that define how MJ Biz is run and that make it so successful, the unique opportunity women have both as business owners & consumers in the cannabis space and the opportunity for businesses to serve women consumers, the growing role of tech & finance in cannabis and the need for women to grow a greater presence in those areas, drawing your line in the sand as a company and defining what your company stands for. It's a juicy one. Click below to tune in!


Her Headliners:

Renewed purpose. 5 senior ladies, that call themselves Old Lady Clippers, are enjoying their golden years tending to the green at Acreage Pharms. "Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. You get very lonesome. I was very happy to come [get] involved because ... the facility which means a lot to the people in Peers, and it's done a lot to make us all feel really important. So we're very proud." CBC

Mind your manners. Emily Post's great-great granddaughter is bringing etiquette to cannabis. As more states legalize, Lizzie Post shares her best practices for public and social consumption. “As we’re getting used to cannabis being legalized, it’s a really nice consideration because we as a society are still not used to inhaling and exhaling things indoors and in front of people the way we were in the 40s.” BevNet

Starter pack. A new program has been launched by the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association offering free cannabis clones to Vermonters currently being prescribed opioid medication.“I recently lost another friend to opioids,” said Jessilyn Dolan, spokesperson for VTCNA, “and I feel like we need to start doing more. We need to educate and support people to consider the healing power of cannabis in place of or in addition to opioids.” Heady Vermont

Perspective. Photographer Maria Levitov's beautiful new photo series, Trail Blazers, features cannabis users from all walks of life. Westword

Real talk. Managing Director of Hyper Ventures and CFO of MTech Acquisition Corp.,Tahira Rehmatullah, shares her frank thoughts about the current state of women and minorities in the cannabis industry. "Most women that you will find, particularly ones who have executive roles, are more in products...you’re not seeing them in some of the more traditional segments like technology and investing...It’s also disproportionate when it comes to race and minorities who are in the space. Cannabis now is starting to look a lot like Wall Street. When I started in this space four years ago, it looked very different and very quickly it changed to white men in suits." McGill International Review

Serial builder. Cozy Q&A with StockPot Images founder, Ophelia Chong. Entrepreneur  And if you missed our podcast ep with Ophelia,you can listen here.

Doc in charge. Khiron Life Sciences Corp. has announced Dr. MariaFernanda Arboleda as its new Medical Director. "Dr. Arboleda's international professional experience and knowledge in Pain Management and Palliative Care will be fundamental to Khiron's mission to educate doctors and their patients around the potential to improve their quality-of-life through the use of cannabis-derived medicinal products." Westword


"There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women." Madeleine Albright

Learnings + Resources(in or out of cannabis):

Money. Being a successful, fast-growing startup doesn't always mean getting VC funding and giving up equity

Leadership. Self-awareness tips for leading with positive impact

Action. How to navigate the murky waters of cannabis marketing

Education. The Unconscious Bias Women Have Against Women

Growth. The woman CEO who changed my life -- and the lessons she taught me about business success

In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Diane Czarkowski, co-founder of Canna Advisors. We chat about Diane's pioneering work in the cannabis industry, her experience leading the premier canna consulting firm, her thoughts on the current state of the industry, and where she sees it going, what one needs to do to begin the process of opening a dispensary, a common mistake often made on licensing applications, her vision for the future of cannabis, her advice for women interested in getting into the space, and how to get involved in lobbying congress with the National Cannabis Industry Association.


So you know:

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Around the research way:

Appraising the "entourage effect": antitumor action of a pure cannabinoid versus a botanical drug preparation in preclinical models of breast cancer PubMed

Inadequate regulation contributes to mislabeled online cannabidiol products Pediatric Neurology Briefs

Survey data: No increase in youth marijuana use in Colorado post-legalization NORML

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Marijuana baseline health study report of findings Mass.gov

In new survey, parents say their cannabis consumption improves family viewing experience and engagement Miner & Co

Patterns of medicinal cannabis use, strain analysis, and substitution effect among patients with migraine, headache, arthritis, and chronic pain in a medicinal cannabis cohort The Journal of Headache and Pain


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