July 16, 2018

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Miss Grass Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Anna Duckworth is on the pod, the DEA's mega list of marijuana nicknames is out for your giggling pleasure, Cynthia Nixon is giving away a literal bong, and move over Airbnb—a Boston company is offering canna-friendly lodging.

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On the podcast:

This week I’m talking to Anna Duckworth, a writer, editor and strategist from the Great White North (read: Toronto). Anna is Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Miss Grass—an elevated magazine and e-comm platform for women and cannabis (which the media is calling the GOOP of cannabis). Anna is the Former Head of Content at cannabis brand dosist (once hmbldt) and Managing Editor of The Alpine Review magazine. She also writes a weekly newsletter with her buds called buckslip, which was called one of the best of the year in WIRED. I get that newsletter and it rocks.

In this episode, Anna and I dig into the moment she knew she wanted to become a writer and the path that led her to eventually becoming Head of Content at Dosist; Anna’s personal story with cannabis and becoming a conscious consumer of the healing plant; Miss Grass’s mission and why she and co-founder Kate felt it was so important to create this platform for women; How Miss Grass is using it’s platform to educate, advocate and amplify diverse minority voices in cannabis; the juxtaposition of fundraising for a consciously diverse woman focused company when most investors are not women or culturally diverse; and more. Tune in to our chat now!


Her Headliners:

All clear. Rhode Island's Governor, Gina Raimondo, has signed marijuana expungement legislation into law. It states "[W]here the court has determined that all conditions of the original criminal sentence have been completed, … the court [will] order the expungement without cost to the petitioner." RI Legislature Gov

New mission. Former President of Overstock, Stormy Simon, has shifted her business attention to working with cannabis companies. "I just thought, Wow, this is historic, I can't remember a time where the states had the power in something this big." Entrepreneur

Untold stories. Tiana Darnell, creator of the new podcast, Hi, Good People, was one of ten women podcasters of color chosen (out of 18,000 applications) by Spotify for for an all-expense paid bootcamp in NYC to develop their projects. Tiara's podcast is about cannabis from the perspective of people of color. "...when you look at all social media content, it also reflects a lot of whiteness. Especially working as a budtender, there’s people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels, all ethnicities, that come into the dispensary, and there’s also that long history of the War on Drugs and American drug policy and the communities and the people of color that [it] disproportionately effects. It just hit me like, okay, I should do a podcast about cannabis from the perspective of people of color, and let’s explore the stories that the media is not telling."  Merry Jane

Not blowing smoke. Cynthia Nixon announced her campaign is holding a contest to give away a bong signed by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City in support of her campaign platform to legalize cannabis and end the criminalization of people of color. "80% of New Yorkers arrested for cannabis are black or latinx, while people who look like @abbijacobson, @ilazer, and I essentially get a pass. We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity." TimeOut

Fresh face. Brandi Leifso, founder and CEO of Evio Beauty Group, has penned a partnership deal with Aurora Cannabis. "With the support of a dedicated parter like Aurora, we will continue to scale our female empowerment initiatives while addressing pain points in the cosmetic industry. By utilizing hemp seed oil and cannabis derivatives, we can enhance ingredient transparency, reducing the use of harmful anima by-products and ecologically unsustainable inputs." CosmeticsDesign


"Listen to understand, not to reply." Natalia Butenko

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In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Holly Alberti. Holly heads up Integrated Customer Experience on the Flrish marketing team, supporting the Harborside Family of companies. We chat about Holly’s journey into cannabis business and how she’s honed in on her business sweet spot; the power of connecting, fostering and maintaining relationships - not only as you build your business but in life; Holly’s experience marrying passion & skill set and choosing to work only with companies whose mission and philosophy are aligned with hers; how to market & amplify brands within the current federal restrictions; getting down to the 'why' behind your biz and creating a meaningful story your consumer can connect with; how your brand can be a vehicle for change and education to help alter perceptions and miseducation about cannabis; and the importance of women taking the initiative lift each other up and invest in one another.

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