May 29, 2018

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Hope you're well rested from the weekend. Lots-o-reading on deck for you. Here we go! PR expert Andrea Burnett is on the pod to help you shine, Gwyneth talks to Howard Stern about smoking weed, Massachusetts to study the industry's gender & race gap, and we think HighTimes forgot a bunch of names on their influencer list.

Go forth and kick this week's ass! - Jac

On the podcast:

This week I'm talking to Andrea Burnett, founder of the 4twenty Group and a 25-year veteran of the lifestyle PR and marketing industry. Aside from being obsessed with manatees, Andrea is always looking for new ways to amplify her clients’ brands, create way outside-the-box campaign strategies and maintain her lifelong reputation as an über connector. She launched the 4Twenty Group last year in a reaction to the election and the intense desire to support other women and promote products that do good for so many people. Her agency focuses on elevated cannabis products for women, by women. 

In this episode, we chat about why publicity matters, the importance of PR for cannabis startups, the dos and don'ts of networking, how to “show up” in the best possible way, strategies for getting buzz around your product/brand, why you should be an ally to other women in the industry, and our mutual love for squishy animals. Click below to tune in!

Her Headliners:

Meg ed. Colorado recently launched a public education campaign, "Responsibility Grows Here", featuring a fictional budtender named Meg. The campaign will be delivered via TV, radio, online ads, and social media. Meg ads will address questions around storage, consumption and edibles for adults and tourists. Denver Post

Twenty-one. By our count, that's how many women made High Times's 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis list last week. 21 out of 100. Umm, really? That number seems a bit light. HighTimes

Proceed with caution. Neuroscientist, Judith Grisel, is all for marijuana legalization, but stresses that careful consideration of costs, benefits and current scientific knowledge must be a priority in this process. "In our rush to throw open the gate, we might want to pause to consider how well the political movement matches up with the science, which is producing inconveniently alarming studies about what pot does to the adolescent brain." Washington Post

Breaking it down. According to survey results provided by MJ Biz Daily last year, the number of female exec roles in the cannabis industry dropped from 36% in 2015 to 27% in 2017. Soon, we may have even more insight into the industry's gender gap as Massachusetts plans on conducting a study analyzing license holders by race & gender and examining industry barriers to entry. But that grass-ceiling isn't stopping women like Danielle Schumacher, Jane Stinson, Aliza Sherman and Gia Moron. These ladies are making canna-money moves. The Independent

It's a deal. Evolab, a Colorado based extraction company led by CEO Nicole Smith, has announced a new partnership with Canadian public company, The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD). "It certainly expands our breadth and reach of products. The cool part about working with Canada is those [other] countries have reciprocity, meaning you can ship THC or cannabis products to other countries," Smith explains. "We don't have that opportunity here in the States." Westword
Public advocate. Letitia James is running for Attorney General of New York and her stance on legalization is very clear. "I support legalization of marijuana. The enforcement of marijuana has resulted in disparate treatment and incarceration...We could take the resources generated by the legalization of marijuana and invest in communities that have been ravaged by this disparate treatment and unequal enforcement of law." Cosmopolitan

Goop approved. "It's legal now in California," Gwyneth Paltrow said to Howard Stern, in reference to her occasional marijuana use.  HowardStern

Eye on the prize. Cannabis entrepreneur and Women Grow leader, Antuannette Gomez has set her sights on public office. Gomez has officially declared her bid for Toronto's City Council. “Cannabis is an election issue and I think it’s incredibly important we have our voices heard in government,” she says. “We want to address the lack of diversity issues. We want to get minority women involved. We’re going to break barriers.” Leafly

Serve it up. What's better than pizza? Pizza with CBD, of course! And that's just what medical marijuana activist, Jessica LeRoux, has on the menu at her new pizza place, Althea's Cheese by Design. I'll take a pie just for me, please! Westword

Juicy. Female-focused canna company Fleurish announced a partnership with women-run creative agency, apt. 3304. "Fleurish was founded by a passionate female entrepreneur with a mandate to enrich women's lives through cannabis and pioneer a premium brand, which is why we wanted to partner with young, promising women who are entrepreneurs themselves and know our consumer because they are our consumer..." NewsWire

Nothing but the truth. Want to know what it's really like to be a pot farmer? These three women share a very candid peek into their lives. Herb


When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” ~ Audre Lorde

In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Chanel White, Director of Client Relations at WikiLeaf. Chanel shares her story of being diagnosed at age 20 with an incurable rare and aggressive autoimmune and connective tissue disease, Systemic Sclerosis. We chat about her brave journey through extremely harsh medical treatments and undergoing a risky human clinical trial, sharing her journey publicly to inspire others also adjusting to a new normal, how cannabis provided her with quality of life (and eventually new career), and her tireless mission to erase the heavy stigma surrounding cannabis and bring recognition to its incredible medicinal properties. Click below to listen to Chanel's inspiring story!


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