May 21, 2018

Happy monday, Boss!  

Go ahead and bring those weekend good-feels right on over with 'cha.  I've got another packed letter for you today, so get comfy. Ready? Chanel White is on the pod sharing her uber inspiring story, the first women run equity fund focused on hemp & cannabis is born, Victoria Atkins (Britain's Drug Minister) had to give herself a time-out, and Sue Taylor shows us that 70 is the new 40. And so much more, so keep reading!

Enjoy and make it a purposeful week! - Jac

On the podcast:

This week I'm talking to Chanel White, Director of Client Relations at WikiLeaf. Chanel focuses on generating positive communication and company preference through proficient, knowledgeable interactions. She is also a seasoned content developer with mediums ranging from non-profits organizations, to popular news outlets such as The Huffington Post. With a background in early education, medicinal cannabis consultation, and motivational speaking, Chanel fosters comprehensive education and meaningful conversation in all she does. 

In this episode, Chanel shares her story of being diagnosed at age 20 with an incurable rare and super aggressive autoimmune and connective tissue disease, Systemic Sclerosis. We chat about her brave journey through extremely harsh medical treatments and undergoing a risky human clinical trial, sharing her journey publicly to inspire others also adjusting to a new normal, how cannabis provided her with quality of life (and eventually new career), and her tireless mission to erase the heavy stigma surrounding cannabis and bring recognition to its incredible medicinal properties. Click below to listen to Chanel's inspiring story!


Her Headliners:

Whoops. Britain's Drug Minister, Victoria Atkins, has voluntarily recused herself from commenting on cannabis-related policy. Seems she "forgot" to disclose her hubby's involvement with Britain's largest cannabis farm when she was appointed last November. I wonder how one does one's job effectively if one can't actually comment on a major part of one's job? Hmmm... BBC

First of many. Producers of Amazon Prime's "The Marijuana Show", Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull, have announced The High Finance Fund, the first women run equity fund focused on the industrial hemp and cannabis industry. Cha-ching! LA Cannabis News

Loud and proud. Last week we shared Miss Grass's survey results from polling over 200 moms who use cannabis. Even more moms are coming out and sharing how cannabis helped them get through their pregnancy. A group of over 5,000 self-described 'CannaMamas' believe they wouldn't have made it to term with a healthy delivery without it. Fox

Meanwhile, mamas all over the globe are fighting for legal access to medical cannabis for their children who are suffering from epilepsy and other ailments. These mama bears are not giving up. 

Hollyweed Queen. Owner and CEO of Premium Produce, Priscilla Vilchis, shares candidly about her rise in the cannabis industry and the growth of her cultivation empire. Cannabis Business Times

Period power. Canadian student, Kayla Joyce, is looking to fill a cannabis research gap. She is seeking female participants between the ages of 19 and 45. Her study will "look at their cannabis use in real time and their mood related to cannabis across the menstrual cycle.” HeraldNews
Never too late. Meet Sue Taylor. This retired Catholic school principal is the first African-American senior to own a dispensary in the Bay area. Oh, and she's also 70 years young. Boom. EastBayTimes

Moolah. Bootstrapping a biz isn't easy. And with only 2% of VC dollars going to female founders, a sharp canna-boss like you needs to think outside of the box.  Entrepreneur

Take me away. Need a relaxing time away? This ladies-only, all-inclusive retreat may hit the spot. It's like a big girl slumber party with all the snacks you can eat and all the Mary Jane you can smoke. The Guardian

It's possible. Advice from four women that have successfully transitioned into the cannabis space from other industries and their predictions for the road ahead. Proactive Investors

And if you listened to this week's podcast ep, you know why this advice is key.



People respond well to those that are sure of what they want.” ~ Anna Wintour


In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Adelia Carrillo, founder & CEO of Direct Cannabis Network. We chat about how DCN came to be and the process of finding its voice, Adelia's experience being a first-time CEO while building a team and developing company culture, the ups and downs of fundraising, and how we can support other women in or interested in the cannabis industry. Click below to listen.


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