May 7, 2018

Happy new week, Boss!  

Lots for you today. Hilarious chat on the pod with the smart & savvy Ophelia Chong, women scientists shaping the cannabis convo, a powerful new documentary - "The Life She Deserves, Medical Marijuana in the U.S." and oh-so-much-more.

Enjoy and make it a productive week! - Jac

On the podcast:

This week I'm talking to Ophelia Chong - community activist, graphic designer & photographer. She's the founder of Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE). She is also the Creative Consultant at PUSH, served as the Community Outreach liaison for THC Design, responsible for LGBT, Veterans, Women, Minorities and Disabled outreach. Her newest endeavor is the Bevel Group, as partner. Ophelia is driven to help shape the new conversation of Cannabis and is guided by one mission: to advocate for the legalization of cannabis and offer truthful reflections of the faces and communities that embrace cannabis.
In this episode, we talk about confronting her marijuana prejudice and how that led to creating StockPot Images, being an Asian-american female in the cannabis industry, hurdles she's encountered getting her business off the ground (even as an ancillary company), working to change the face of cannabis and her outreach work within the LGBTQ, Veterans, Women, Minorities and disabled communities, and her advice for women interested in getting into the industry.


Her Headliners:

Changed her tune. Seems Sen. Diane Feinstein's opinion on the legal use of cannabis has evolved from nay to yay! Washington Post

Top notch! Cassandra Farrington, President & CEO of MJ Biz Daily named #9 of 50 in Women Presidents’ Organization’s fastest-growing women-owned/led companies. MJ Biz Daily

Canna chemistry. 7 innovative women scientists that are moving the weed convo into mainstream science and medicine. Chemical & Engineering News

Right fit. Mary Beth Williamson, CMO of the female focused company Fleurish, shares how best to market to different women users. NJcom

Out with the old. This lady led ad agency's non-traditional business model is bringing innovative thinking and diversity to the marijuana industry. Cannabis Business Times

Holding court. Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon led a happy crowd at a NYC pro-pot rally in Union Square. NY Daily News

New findings on the block. Grad student researchers Sara Biela and Chase Turner presented exciting new research at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting. "Our findings from this research, as well as prior research, show that KY hemp slows ovarian cancer comparable to, or even better than, the current ovarian cancer drug cisplatin."  Medical News Today

Alternatives. That's what Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says we need to help fight the opioid crisis. "Marijuana, yoga, all kinds of other things that are homeopathic but are not addictive in this dangerous way."  Democratic Leader gov

One and only. The Brookings Institute released a short documentary film about 17 year-old epilepsy patient Jen Collins. The film documents her life and how she went from 18 daily meds for seizures to only cannabis oil. The Cannifornian

Interiors. Weed isn't the only green canna-women like to surround themselves with. Lonny


“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.” ~ Maya Angelou

In case you missed it:

Check out last week's episode with Sister Kate, founder of Sisters of the Valley. Sister Kate and I chat about her pre-Sister life as an international consultant, how the sisterhood was born out of the occupy movement, what it takes to run the Sisters of the Valley operation, it’s growth to making 1.1 million dollars in sales last year and her plans to make it a 50 million dollar business in the next 5 years. It was a fascinating chat. Click below to listen!


So you know:

Ninth circuit court rejects challenge to DEA’s classification of marijuana extracts  NORML

Here's How Much Money States Are Raking In From Legal Marijuana Sales  Forbes

Colombia sees billion-dollar bonanza from legacy of marijuana trade Reuters

The Trump administration has found a new way to crack down on legal weed CNBC

Veterans' grass-roots movement shares health benefits of marijuanaCNN

Avoid These Obvious Mistakes When Investing In Cannabis Stocks Forbes

Legalizing Hemp Brings Schumer And McConnell Together Forbes

Colorado’s first-in-the-nation marijuana “tasting rooms” bill heads to Hickenlooper’s desk Denver Post

Cannabis industry sits on precipice of major expansion The Street

Three reasons wine could be hurt by marijuana legalizationRaboResearch

Zimbabwe has become the second country in Africa to legalize marijuana cultivation Konbini

2018 Marijuana Trailblazers Report CB Insights


Medical cannabis research at the U of A receives $300,000 in funding
Edmonton Journal

Universities in California and Utah receive funding to pursue new medical marijuana research Marijuana Policy Project

World-first cannabis trial looks to treat insomnia Medical Xpress

Clinical trials will test if cannabis compound can treat autism  New York Post

Testing associations between cannabis use and subcortical volumes in two large population-based samples PubMed

Universities in California and Utah receive funding to pursue new medical marijuana research Marijuana Policy Project

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