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Naomi Granger

Co-Founder of Dope CFO talks the state of accounting for cannabis business, the most common canna-biz financial woes, how to protect your business and how to become a canna accounting professional

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Robin & Chaos

Co-Founders of The Farmaceuticals Co talk Feminist principles as a guide for business, environmental sustainability in cannabis and the importance of whole-plant extraction

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Jamie Garzot

Founder of 530 Cannabis & Roots Consulting talks biggest trends for dispensary owners, customer trends in cannabis for 2019 and tips on connecting with local community

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Barbie Sommars

COO of Mary Jane University talks high end cannabis-infused dining, the intersection of art & science and the love of cannabis through adornment


"With any business, you gotta get yourself out there. The business is not just going to come to you. And when you go to networking events, you need to be prepared to give your elevator pitch about your product. You need to have no fear about walking up to people in the industry, whether they can help you or not. You never know who you're going to meet, so everyone should be on the playing field."

— Andrea Burnett, 4twenty Group